The Vasa Year 2019

The Vasa Year in numbers

Ladies and Gentlemen, the end of the exhibition The World of Polish Vasa Rulers. Space - People - Art - the spectacular finale of the Vasa Year, announced in the Royal Castle in Warsaw, on the occasion of the 400th anniversary, the extension of the royal residence completed by King Sigismund III Vasa provokes impressive effects on the scale of our data museum. Never before, in the post-war history of our museum, the annual turnout has reached the magic number of million! And in 2019 we even slightly crossed - we were visited by 1 033 098 people! The record-breaking number of 5 temporary exhibitions organized over the past 12 months has attracted interest of nearly 182,000 visitors in 2019 and almost 6,000 in 2020.

For all exhibitions:

A total of 1 240 objects from 169 institutions were borrowed, and 319 objects were subjected to conservation works in preparation for their presentation, 15 volunteers were involved at the 36x Rembrandt exhibition, who talked about the presented works for 300 hours.

In addition, there were organized:

13 classical music concerts,

6 scientific conferences:

  • In battle and on parade. Aspects of the use of hussars since the last Jagiellonians to the early eighteenth century;
  • Stockholm roll. Ceremonial, iconography, analogies;
  • Art in the service of the Vasa;
  • Women's world at the Vasa court. Queens, princesses and court ladies;
  • Rule and dazzle. Jewelry in Poland - modernity and newer times;
  • Vasa and literary people. In the circle of patronage, politics and private life,


International Conference Historical Gardens, Authenticity, Protection, Management,


508 educational projects, including:

  • 33 lectures in open cycles,
  • 53 lectures for students of the University of the Third Age,
  • 4 seminars for teachers,
  • 206 museum lessons and workshops for schools,
  • 51 workshops for families with children,
  • 9 workshops for adults and
  • 13 special tours for people with disabilities, with a total of approximately 18,000 people (including over 7,000 in museum lessons).