Conservation of Treaty of Khotyn by Marcello Bacciarelli


The painting underwent conservation works in 1969, but we have no documentation. Lately the painting was in a bad condition and required comprehensive conservation works. Judging from the observation, in some places the canvas was damaged or it was some longitudinal crumblings of painting layers with primer. Altered, darkened and matt retouches was noticeabled on the whole surface.

The composition with a quite dark varnish wasn’t clear.

Purpose of conservation works:

» containment of the process of destruction of the historical details of the work

» restoring a esthetic and artistic features

» making the object permanently immune to destruction processes;

»  performing research activities

Detailed schedule of works:

» technical analysis of the painting (canvas identification, stratigraphy of technological layers, identification of pigments, fillers, binders, and varnishes)

» locally securing the painting layer with adhesive

» facing

» replacement or correction of the lining

» cleaning the face of the painting – removing varnishes, retouches, putty

» filling primer losses with putty

» attaching the painting to a self-tightening stretcher

» retouching losses in the painting layers

» varnishing

» preparation of documentation of performed conservation works

All works on the painting will be performed at the Royal Castle in Warsaw under the Royal Castle's conservator supervision.

Works will last until March 2018.

Sponsors of works: Turkish Embassy in Warsaw with support from Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA)

Conservation Contractor: company CROATON Konserwacja i Restauracja Obiektów Dzieł Sztuki Sp. z o.o

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