Alluding to the glorious, centuries-long traditions of the biggest and most important ceremonies of the old Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Republic of Poland, the Royal Castle in Warsaw is opening its interiors for the organisation of many contemporary cultural events and occasions. It is a venue for various types of events and meetings: state and diplomatic ceremonies, academic conferences, international congresses, symposia, lectures, concerts, jubilee gala events, promotions, banquets, etc.

The Castle’s magnificent interiors will provide an appropriate and elegant setting for any event you wish to plan. We warmly invite you to make use of our offer.

Reservation Terms

In order to make a reservation, please write to the Director of the Royal Castle, Professor Wojciech Fałkowski (Zamek Królewski w Warszawie – Muzeum, Plac Zamkowy 4, 00-277 Warszawa, e-mail: protokol) containing a request to hold an event. The request should contain the following information: the name of the rooms you wish to rent, the date of the event, the duration time of the event with a short description of the event’s nature, the number of participants, a draft programme of the event and the personal data of the contact person responsible for organising the event.

Detailed information on available dates and the terms and conditions for organising events:

Organisation of Events

e-mail: protokol

Lesław Krzewski
mob. +48 664 118 315
e-mail: lkrzewski

Paweł Gutt
mob. +48 664 118 316
e-mail: pgutt

Marta Smolińska
mob. +48 664 118 373
e-mail: m.smolinska

Regina Lubelska
mob. +48 664 118 313
e-mail: rlubelska

Aleksandra Buszta-Bąk
mob. +48 664 118 313
e-mail: koncerty

Suggestions for the use of rooms:

Name of RoomCocktailBuffetSeated dinnerConference or concert
The Concert Hallup to 200 peopleup to 150 peopleup to 80 peopleup to 200 people
The Council Chamberup to 150 peopleup to 120 peopleup to 80 peopleup to 60 people
The Great Assembly Hallup to 350 peopleup to 350 peopleup to 150 peopleup to 350 people
The Great Treasuryup to 350 peopleup to 350 peopleup to 170 people***
The Kubicki Arcadesup to
1200 people
up to
1200 people
up to
800 people

***) dependent on the scenario of the event

Photos and  rooms descriptions:

*The Great Assembly Hall (Ballroom)
*The Concert Hall
*The Council Chamber
*The Great Treasury
*The Kubicki Arcades