The Royal Castle has a long musical tradition.

During the reign of the Vasa kings a royal orchestra was formed with the participation of foreign musicians, and a court theatre was created in the south wing. From 1628 Italian operas were performed there, as well as works commissioned by Ladislaus IV.

Thus it was at the Royal Castle that the very first operatic performance in Poland was staged.

The last Polish king, Stanislaus Augustus (patron of the arts and sciences), saw to it when renovating the Castle that a concert hall was built where spectacles could also be staged. He also revived the royal and theatre orchestra and engaged outstanding composers and performers from the whole of Europe. At that time the Castle’s concert programme had the same repertoire as the concert halls in Paris, London and Vienna.

The Royal Castle’s current activities are a natural consequence of this musical tradition.


Organization of concerts at the Royal Castle
Aleksandra Buszta-Bąk